Whitetail Harvest Photography Masterclass

Are you looking to take your whitetail harvest photography to the next level?

Whether you are a beginner or advanced photographer, a hunter or an outfitter, a video producer or a real estate agent, this class is sure to improve your hunting harvest photography.

Here are just a few of the topics this class will cover:

  • Basic camera operation such as exposure, depth of field, and lens choice
  • Advanced topics such as portable off-camera lighting in the field.
  • Deer preparation in the field
  • Posing of the hunter
  • Choosing the best angle for the deer

In addition, taking great harvest photos in the field frequently requires working under challenging conditions.  This course will teach you how to work under various lighting conditions – including mid-day sun and nighttime flash and/or strobe photography.

About Your Instructor

Eric has over 25 years of video and photo experience in the hunting industry.  As the video manager for PSE Archery Eric travelled the world to produce over thirty internationally distributed DVD’s and was responsible for producing the television show ‘Today’s Bowhunter‘ which aired on The Outdoor Channel.  Eric’s international experience includes seven trip to Africa, three trips to Alaska, as well as travels to New Zealand and even the North Pole!

As the premiere whitetail harvest photographer in the United States, Eric has photographed over 1600 successful hunters with their bucks!

As an independent photographer and the owner of BrainDance Productions, Eric has built a diverse portfolio including clients in portraiture, corporate and outdoor commercial photography.  Eric began spending hunting seasons in Illinois shooting harvest photos in 2005.  Most of his harvest photography process has been developed over time.  With an average of over 120 successful hunter clients every year, Eric has gained valuable insight that will allow you to vastly improve the quality of your photography.

Dates and Location


Pike County, IL

September 27-28, 2018


Class will be held in the heart of the whitetail ‘Golden Triangle’ in Pittsfield, IL.  The bucks in late August have finished their antler growth, and are preparing to lose their velvet.  After class you can spend your evenings driving the back roads to glass the bucks this area is famous for!


Class Schedule*

Day 0 – Arrive day prior to scheduled class (introductions)

Day 1  (morning) 9:00-11:30

Basic Camera Operation

  • Understanding the exposure triangle
  • Depth of field
  • ‘Reading’ the histogram
  • Lens choice
  • Working with creative modes
  • Working in manual mode
  • Correct camera settings to get the best shot
  • The ‘best’ equipment (camera, lighting, etc.)

Day 1  (afternoon) 12:30- 4:30

  • Lighting
    • Balancing ambient light with flash/ strobes
    • Light modifiers
    • Lighting during the day vs night

Day 2 (morning) 8:00 – 11:30

  • Prepping the deer
    • What’s in my kit?
    • Set-up for standard poses
  • Choosing a background
  • Finding the right angle
  • Camera position
  • Posing the hunter
    • Go-to poses
    • Common Mistakes
  • Positioning and setting your lights

Day 2 (afternoon) 12:30 – 2:30

  • Critique (attendees and instructor will show good and bad examples).  Apply what we’ve learned
  • Certification

There will be ‘hands-on’ breaks throughout the schedule for questions and to apply what we are learning.

All attendees are welcome to send up to 5 photos to the instructor over 6 months for review and critique AND can have up to 10 harvest photos retouched for 50% off regular price.

Class Requirements

All students should bring their DSLR or interchangeable lens mirrorless camera, lenses and flashes if they have them. There will be a few cameras available for users who have yet to purchase equipment.

In addition, everyone will be required to supply a minimum of 5 harvest photos prior to class dates.  These photos do not have to be taken by the student, but should have permission from the copyright holder.  These photos will be utilized for critique.


All students who complete the course will be given a certificate of completion.


Optional Photoshop/ Business Training (additional fees apply)

Students who would like additional training can stay for an optional third day and/or schedule a photography mentorship program.  This day would cover the following topics:

  • Basic photo developing in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom
  • Repairing tines, cleaning blood, and more using Photoshop tools
  • Finding your clients
  • Setting up a ‘business’ of Whitetail Harvest Photography
    • Developing packages that sell
    • Printing and framing on location
    • Taxes, credit card processing
    • Creating an organized workflow



To register fill in the form below.  Please note the number of individuals and the class location you are registering for in the message.  You will be sent a PayPal invoice.  You are not officially registered until you have paid your invoice.  Classes are limited availability and are available ona first com/ first serve basis.


*Class schedule subject to adjustments based on class experience and flow.