The BDP Difference

Choosing the right photographer is an incredibly personal decision.  The best photographers should obviously
have the technical expertise to use modern cameras.  But photography is also an art – meaning that they should
also be able to apply that technical training with a blend of lighting, posing, and environment to treat
each subject as a unique individual. And finally, your photographer should also be able to help you relax
and have fun to bring out the best in you (and your family).

You’re an individual – be treated like one!

I take the time to get to know my clients. From the consultation, to the shoot, to the photo editing, to the delivery of your prints – every session is designed around the client. This means that your photos are ‘uniquely yours’ – with your portraits reflecting your personality.


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It’s all about the light.

There are many photographers who claim to specialize in ‘natural light.’ As a professional, I specialize in ‘great light’. Everything that you see in an image is determined by light, and I have spent years applying lighting techniques in both photography and video. Natural light is used of course – but I supplement this natural light with flashes when appropriate. The attention to light is what makes our photos ‘more dimensional’ or ‘less flat’ than many others.





Photo finishing should be natural.

There are two parts of photo finishing – developing, and retouching.  There is more involved than removing blemishes. Digital ‘developing’ – meaning adjusting brightness, contrast, color temperature, saturation, sharpness and much more. Retouching involves skin smoothing, eye whitening, toning down age lines, etc.  With close to 20 years of Photoshop experience I pride myself in providing an image that is natural – that can proudly be displayed in a large format. Many others overly retouch – with skin that starts looking like plastic, or making other adjustments that look artificial. Of course, this all relates back to lighting and capturing a great image in-camera.

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