The Process

So – you are nervous about getting photos taken because you aren’t sure what is involved?  Don’t worry – most people are in the same boat!  This page is here to help walk you through all of the steps in the process.

The Consultation

The first step in any photo shoot is the consultation.  One of the most important elements in capturing great portraits is a good relationship with your photographer.  My consultations are a no obligation opportunity to sit down and get to know each other.  I prefer to have these meetings at your home so I can learn about your styles, your colors, your likes and dislikes.  This allows me to craft artwork that works specifically for your environment.  It also gives you the opportunity to learn about my products and services, ask questions and to get to know me and learn whether I am the right photographer for the job.

The Photo Shoot

At the consultation you will schedule a date for your shoot.  During our consultation I will offer some ideas of locations – which can be rural or urban, indoors or out.  Most shoots are scheduled for mornings or evenings to work with the great light that Arizona offers.  Since I do not rely solely on natural light we can be more flexible on our choice of locations.  But my lighting also allow for quick setups, which means you will have a large variety of photos to choose from.  My goal is to have so many great photos that it is difficult to pick your favorites.

The Presentation

For many photographers – the service ends after the shoot.  They post some photos online and tell you to order prints there.  Or worse yet, you may get a CD and tell you good luck.  There are many steps involved with getting a great image from the screen to the wall, and low quality labs, poor cropping, etc. can make all of our previous efforts worthless.  That’s why I take BDP’s services a step further.

About two weeks after your shoot we will schedule a time for a presentation.  This is always my favorite part of the process because  I get to show the clients all of the great photos we captured!  I will show you a personalized slideshow of your images – during which time you will get to select your favorites.  I can also virtually display your images on your walls.  We can change sizes – show some framing and matting options, be creative with wall groupings and more.

A 'virtual grouping' designed during the presentation session.

A ‘virtual grouping’ designed during the presentation session.

The final portraits as displayed in the home.  Consists of 1 - 24x36 framed print and 4 - 11x14 canvases.

The final portraits as displayed in the home. Consists of 1 – 24×36 framed print and 4 – 11×14 canvases.

Pet portraits on aluminum.  Grouping shows 1-20x30 and 2-12x12's.

Pet portraits on aluminum. Grouping shows 1-20×30 and 2-12×12’s.




About 3-4 weeks after your presentation we will schedule a time for delivery of your final prints.  If you have ordered framed prints, canvases or metal prints they will arrive ready to hang.  We can even drop ship to relatives out of state!  I also include web-sized images of your ‘portrait-sized prints’ for online sharing.  Odds are you will start getting compliments from friends and family, and they will want to know where you had your photos taken.  That is where our referral program can start earning you some awesome rewards!


There you have it!  Getting portraits taken is not a scary experience.  Most clients tell me they were surprised at how much fun they had!  If you have any further questions – or would like to schedule a consultation – make sure to contact me.

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